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"I was the fourth top producer in the office and moved up to become second in the state... by the end of my time with my coach, I am happy to say that I am now THE TOP producer in the state with our company."
E. Selph
Brian Tracy Business Development Client

"My business has turned a net profit... of over 30% after taking this course. This is a number I never would have thought possible even just one year ago. It would be easy to say this course has changed my life but the truth of the matter is it has really saved my life. Thank you."
S. Patton
Brian Tracy Business Development Client

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W. Garnier
Brian Tracy Personal Development Client

Backed By My Iron-Clad 30-day, 100% Satisfact

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So, Why Become A Public Speaker?

As a successful business owner, you have a unique perspective and expertise that can change lives.

By becoming a professional public speaker, you can share your burning message and create a lasting impact on your audience, while expanding your influence and pursuing your passion.

Mastering Public Speaking Can Boost Your Income, Freedom And Security

Without Guidance

  • Not Reaching Full Potential
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Inability to Reach Audience
  • Unmotivated to Grow

With Guidance

  • Learn to Persuade Others
  • Build Leadership Skills
  • Help You Drive Change
  • Expand Your Network

Want To Transform Your Expertise Into A Successful Speaking Career?
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Unlock New Opportunities With
The 6-Figure Speaker Course!

Learning the principles and mastering the art of
public speaking, you can experience transformative
changes in your life, leading to career advancements,
job promotions, and potential for personal growth.

Not only that, but being a great speaker can also
boost your confidence, help you connect with others,
and inspire you to explore new possibilities.

But That's Not All This Course Does…
6-Figure Speaker Gives You Everything You Need To Maximize Your
Potential And Achieve Your Business Goals!

 6-Figure Speaker Will Help You With…

  • Craft a unique message that sets you apart and captivates your audience
  • Learn to deliver compelling presentations that keep your audience engaged and inspired
  • Develop effective presentation skills including how to structure presentations, use stories, and body language to enhance your message

 6-Figure Speaker Will Help You With…

  • Establish credibility as a thought leader by leveraging past experiences and providing expert insights through storytelling
  • Build a reputation that builds trust with your audience
  • Our course will help you establish credibility, opening up new opportunities

 6-Figure Speaker Will Help You With…

  • Learn how to develop an effective marketing strategy to reach your target audience and attract new clients
  • Develop a marketing plan that highlights your expertise and showcases your brand
  • Maximize the use of your network, social media, and speaking engagements with our program

 6-Figure Speaker Will Help You With…

  • Learn how to sell yourself, price your services, and close deals with confidence to monetize your speaking career
  • Our 6-Figure Speaker Course will teach you how to differentiate yourself from competitors
  • Learn how to create a sales pitch that highlights your unique value proposition

Enroll In The 6-Figure Speaker Course And Learn The Skills
and Strategies You Need To Captivate Your Audience,
Establish Credibility, And Grow Your Business

Here Is What's Included:

  • The 6-Figure Speaker Course
  • Join Brian Tracy's 6-Figure Speaker Course and learn the skills and strategies needed to succeed as a public speaker and grow your business.
  • Our program includes access to exclusive resources, and a supportive community of like-minded individuals to help you achieve your goals and reach new heights in your speaking career.

So Are You Ready…
To Fulfill Your Passion To Become A Public Speaker?

Here's Everything You're Going To Get
Instant Access To:

  •  The 6-Figure Speaker Course ($4,000 Value)
  •  Power of Effective Communication ($1,200 Value)
  • High Performance Selling ($1,200 Value)
  •  How You Can Start, Build, Manage or Turnaround Any Business ($1,200 Value)
  •  Customer Support ($1,200 Value)
  •  BONUS: Brian's Personal Speaking Contracts & Templates ($1,000 Value)
  •  BONUS: The Science Of Self-Confidence ($500 Value)
  •  BONUS: Step-By-Step Guide For Creating Your Powerful Presentation ($500 Value)
  •  BONUS: How To Deliver A Winning Presentation ($500 Value)

Total Value: $11,300
Yours Today For Only $197

Backed By My Iron-Clad 30-day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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  • How do I invest in this program?
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